Last fall we embraced the sweats and leggings. This summer, we were able to get out a bit more, and many were still embracing the casual look, but many of us were excited to celebrate hot girl summer as well.

With high hopes, the fashion industry is presenting us with some great new trends. And even if your job/school goes to work from home or if you are hesitant to do in-person activities, it seems we are all ready for cute outfits- even on Zoom- Zoomfits, if you will.

Here is what to expect: The 90s in Full Effect


Beauty routines typically bring relaxation, confidence and a renewed energy to our day. For many women, this may be the one time a day they get to be alone in the quiet with their thoughts. For some, it is similar to putting on their game face in preparation to take on the world. Of course, for some it is a chore.

Regardless of what this routine means to you, one thing is for sure: dirty makeup bags and applicators can ruin it for you. …

Before we make beauty suggestions regarding make-up tips and products, we are going to start with the most important and basic ways to get glowing skin.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Wash your face regularly
  • Eat foods high in “good” fats- olive oil, avocado, fish
  • Avoid too much sugar
  • Wear sunblock — You can do these last 2 important steps with one product from Eunre. Click to learn more.

Now, you want a little extra glow. Here’s what we suggest.


Liquid highlighter gives your skin that striking yet natural glow. Liquid highlighter drops that enhance and illuminate skin with sophisticated touches…

Eunre is excited to announce the absorption of a now defunct but wonderful cosmetics company, Flesh. When Flesh announced they were going out of business and wanted to get rid of their remaining product, Eunre did not hesitate to swoop in.

We are proud to unveil this product.

The founders of Flesh will admit the name is possibly, well, gross. But that was part of the intention. Though there is some slow change, the word flesh has been used to describe a beige color. Think of the crayons when you were a kid. Think of the “nude” nylons we buy…

Last week we talked about some awesome summer shoe trends! We highlighted the pastels and patterns that were in. We filled you in that square toes were all the rage, and we highlighted some casual sandals.

And now we want to get really casual. Stay with us while we tell you about this season’s summer Crocs and Uggs.

Trust us!


First off, they are comfy, like the look or not. But if you think you do not like the look, we suggest you look again.

This season’s Crocs come in all shapes and colors.

Last week we told you…

What’s Hot? Summer Shoe Trends for 2021

Our toes are done and ready to kiss the sun, so what is it that we should be strapping to our feet?

There are a ton of cute styles this summer. Here is what we are the most excited for!

  • Pastels
  • Sporty Sandals
  • Squared toes
  • Casual lace-up sneakers
  • Patterns- snakeskin is in

Here are some faves that are reasonably priced.

From Aldo

We all know that the sun can be damaging to our skin. And most of us take the steps necessary to protect our skin from the sun.

However, did you know that the sun can also damage your hair! According to Jessica J. Krant, a dermatologist interviewed by WebMD, the sun literally cooks your hair at the roots.

For those with color-treated hair, it is the most obvious. The color fades and the hair begins to look brassy. But that does mean those with their natural color don’t have to worry about the sun harming their hair. …

March is a misleading month. Between the start of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day, it definitely sounds like it is supposed to be warm and sunny, but each year, March reminds us that it can and will snow.

Yet, many of us tend to ignore what March tells us, and we stick to our hope, fingering our spring clothes, digging out our sandals. And then sandals remind us of our winter-worn feet.

Don’t worry. Sandal season is still a bit away. You have time to prepare those feet.

Get Your Feet Ready

Preparing your feet for spring does not have to be a stressful…

It’s more likely that you are showering too much.

And why wouldn’t you? Whether it is the first thing in the morning or after a long arduous day when that hot water hits you all of the stresses melt away. You close your eyes and imagine your happy place and prepare for whatever is next. It is one of life’s pleasures.

But we have all heard that hot showers are bad for your skin and that washing your hair too frequently strips it of important oils. But there is also such a thing as taking too many showers.

In fact…

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! For many of us, our souls and skin will rejoice at this news. Winter does a number on the skin- dry air and harsh wind. But spring does not mean it is time to get lax with your skincare routine. It just means change! As we see more sun, the first thing we have to think about is SPF.

In fact, dermatologists say it is important to wear sunscreen all year round! Sun’s damaging rays can make us think that the sun is bad for us. But no, it is not. The sun’s rays…

Angela Smith

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