What’s Hot? Summer Shoe Trends for 2021

Our toes are done and ready to kiss the sun, so what is it that we should be strapping to our feet?

There are a ton of cute styles this summer. Here is what we are the most excited for!

  • Pastels

Here are some faves that are reasonably priced.

From Aldo
From Johnson and Murphy

Don’t feel like your feet are sandal-ready. No worries. Here are a few simple tips!

Get Your Feet Ready

Preparing your feet for spring does not have to be a stressful item on your to-do list. Consider it self-care, and start with a soak.

Give your feet a 15-20 minute warm bath before you go to bed. Add some essential oils and epsom salt for extra relaxation and to help with circulation.

After your foot bath, use an exfoliating cream that has lactic acid. Put on some socks and go to sleep!

Well cared for feet feel good and look good, but they are also healthy. They more easily ward off blisters, athlete’s foot and other foot issues. Using a moisturizer day and night can help with this. In the morning, you will want to use a regular moisturizer on your foot, something that is easily absorbable. At night, kick it up a notch by applying more intense foot cream. Within 5 days, you will see a difference.

If your feet suffer from corns or calluses and after 3 days of the above treatment they have not gone away, they should at least be significantly reduced and softened and so you can take a pumice stone to them. There are also many over-the-counter and home remedies to mediate these.

And now, paint those piggies if you so wish. If you are au naturale and do not like painted toes, still treat yourself to a pedicure to clip away those dry and thickened cuticles. If you are not ready to go to the salon (thanks COVID) or if you never go to the salon, there are many home pedicure options that are simple and inexpensive. Try one!

Now that your feet have shed their winter blues, it is time to make sure they do not suffer the harsh conditions of spring and summer.

Keep Your Feet Ready

First, your feet need sunblock, too. Dermatologists tell us regularly that the best anti-aging remedy is sunblock. We typically think of our faces when we hear that, but your feet need that love too, especially at the beginning of the season when they are just being released from their foot prisons.

Next, buy a salt scrub for your feet and treat them once a month. Salt is detoxifying; if you find you need something a bit rougher, try a sugar rub. Read the directions! Many people assume scrubs are best on soaked feet. It is the opposite!

Remember the pumice stone you used on day 3 of Operation Foot Preparation, keep that in the shower. If you use this daily, you will barely have to apply pressure.

And of course, apply moisturizer after your showers and right before bed.

If you love to have polish on your nails, and cannot bear the sight of them without it, see if you can give your toes a break once a week. It will allow the nails to breathe and will help avoid that yellow color they sometimes get.

Did you know?

Food high in salt are the number 1 culprit in bloated puffy feet? Avoid overly processed and salty foods. This is good advice beyond foot care!

And now that your feet are roaring and ready to go, let them take you where the sun leads you (socially distanced for now!).



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